School Code - 30261

Affiliation No. - 1130354

Late Shri Yadavrao Bhoyar

I am overwhelmed to announce the launch of the school’s new website which would prove to be an aid to communication. I am extremely proud of the output that is produced & I am confident that the site contains brief particulars about institutional goals, organization set up, curricular & co-curricular activities & infrastructure facilities.

We started off as a small sapling of Swami Awadeshanand Public School. With the administrative brains & the hardworkings hands united have made this small sapling grow into a tree bearing fruit. For which I on behalf of the management members congratulate all the working hands for their collective efforts. I also appreciate the cooperation of the parents who have always given their supportive hands in upbringing this sapling into such a huge tree. Opening of the website is a door opened to enter into the world of technology so I can see bright future of the students of the school. I am very excited to see the fruits of the school growing in pace with the progressive world outside.

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