School Code - 30261

Affiliation No. - 1130354

It’s my pleasure & honour to be a part of Swami Awadeshanand Public School family. This is a temple of education where moral values are deeply rooted in the hearts of the students. Religious principles give a ray of light which helps every individual to stand firm in this world of darkness. Firm must be your will patient, your heart & passionate your aspiration to attain the fulfillment of your great goal. I from the bottom of my heart appreciate every effort of the staff in bringing this ray of light in every student’s life.

Swami Awadeshanand Public School, as the name suggests believes in the principles of Shri. Awadeshanand Giriji Maharaj. To see the students grow & grow in the fear of Lord Almighty is the dream which I along with the other management members have seen right from the time we placed the first brick of the school’s building. Today I am proud to see our dream coming true in such short span of time.

Swami Awadeshanand Public School aims at keeping the students in touch with the recent development of the world around them. It always accepts new idesd & suggestions for the same & strives to work on those ideas which helps the youngsters enter the world of progress & bring every family member of the school under one Global Roof. Opening of school’s website is one such successful Project of the school which has brought us to the world around us. I extend my best wishes for this successful project to all the brains behind it & hope to see many more projects making the school come close to the world of progress.

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Mrs. Kishoritai Bhoyar